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Luke Truan



In today’s edition, I chat with successful voice talent Luke Truan .  With a demonstrated track record in the industry, you’ll find him at LukeTruan.com and see his profile over on Voice123.com. His formal education in music and computer science makes him uniquely suited both to digital audio production and voice over. He is gracious to let me post this podcast interview about how he got his start as a child actor, and the unique place he’s carved out in the world of voice over.  Have a listen here.





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Quotes of Note

 “Where’s the beef!”  The words appear in print, but you can almost hear that voice.  This, and nine other memorable quotes from movies and television are the subject of Episode 3.  The podcast was recorded using Audacity Sourceforge 2.0.1, and uploaded via Podbean.com, both of which are free programs.
Listen to the podcast and add your own “quotes of note” in the comments.

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Gather ‘Round the Podcast

In the ‘Golden Age of Radio’ of the 30’s and 40’s, families gathered around the first radios that were more like pieces of furniture. Times were tough but through the big box came variety shows, music, news, and episodes like ‘Superman’ and ‘The Shadow’. Fast forward to today and we can still enjoy all that entertainment on the go, on myriad devices, and on no schedule but our own. This episode revisits that Golden Age, including a voice clip of broadcasting legend Edward R. Murrow.  Click Podcast and go to this episode.

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I Hear Voices

It seems like months ago I made mention of stepping in to the world of pod casting and here goes!  First I want to send a shout out to Mark Blasco at podcastthemes.com for the neat free theme music I was able to build in to today’s intro.  I also stumbled upon a free basic download of Audacity software to produce this little snippet, and of course the folks at Podbean.com make it relatively simple to assemble and publish, for the novice user.  There are plenty more bells and whistles, I assure you.  But I’m pretty pleased with how this first one turned out.

He takes the plunge

Yep.  It’s Me

To my blog’s theme, once again it’s a discussion on the web of all things “voice” – so it was inevitable I’d need to post to my blog what its owner sounds like – untrained, unpolished – but still so fascinated with distinctive voice talent, how they got their start, and what it is about their voices that captures our imagination.  Incidentally, I gravitated to this niche thanks  to a couple of out-of-the-blue comments about my own voice and it piqued my curiosity to see if there is something there.  Well you folks can be the judge of that!

OK, just this introductory offering today.  But hey – you got to start somewhere, right?  By the way, do come by the page in a year or so (if it’s still around!)  And I guarantee we’ll all have a chuckle at how this first installment sounds.  Click the link in the sidebar to listen.

Just listen to those voices . . .

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